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Established in 2009, FEAR is an Egyptian company specializing in two types of production and trade

First: Processing and packing a variety of frozen, dried and preserved products

Second: Establishing farms for food products and animal and poultry production

 The company has succeeded in occupying the top position in export markets to the Arab world

 Thanks to its continued commitment to the highest standards of international quality and to providing a wide range of safe, high-quality health food products, making it the preferred brand in all Egyptian homes.

The company was founded by Dr. Mohamed Jalal with the aim of presenting a business model that is different from its ideals and is based on maintaining the health of our customers by following the production standards and international quality

 The company is currently operating 3 factories, 5 farms and a number of outlets to improve the standards of manufacturing high quality food products in the Egyptian market. In addition, the company is studying the opportunities to expand export activities in the markets of Africa, taking advantage of its reputation and prestige in the Egyptian and Gulf markets

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